Tweaking and Maintenance Tool for Windows 8

"EnhanceMy8 is Packed with Tweaking Tools and Customization Options for Windows 8" Lifehacker, 2012

Windows 8 is fast and it is quite satisfying in the role of replacing Windows XP and Win7, but you can make it much faster and responsible with EnhanceMy8.

EnhanceMy8 includes any tweaks and tools you need to keep your Win8 in mint condition:

  • Disk Cleaner - Automatically find and delete un-needed files and folders
  • Defragmenter - Reduce the amount of fragmentation in file systems and registry
  • System Info - Get maximum detailed information about your hardware and software
  • System Tools - Utilize a collection of system tools that you haven't even heard about
  • Security Tweaks - Easely configure the new security settings of Windows 8

UPDATE 16 Jun 2014: Enhanso Merges EnhanceMyVista, EnhanceMySe7en and EnhanceMy8 Into One(click for more info).

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v2.2.2, 12.5 MB
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Free vs Pro

Download here EnhanceMy8 Free v2.2.2, 12.5 MB


Registered users of EnhanceMySe7en, EnhaceMyVista, EnhanceMyXP or version 1.x of EnhanceMy8 can upgrade to the latest EnhanceMy8 Pro with a 30% discount. If you are a registered user click the button below to upgrade.

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Screens and Features

Free Version Limitations

The Free version doesn't contain such tools and tweaks as Defragmenter, HDD Monitor, Most Used Tweaks, System Tools and some other. For a full list of the Free version limitations click on the link below: Pro vs Free Comparison Table

Processor Panel

Main Window Screenshot
Contains detailed information about your processor.

HDD Info

Provides detailed information about HDD temperatures, health, performance and all other available SMART info.

Registry Cleaner

Finds and deletes all registry records that are no longer needed to improve your system's performance and stability.

Security Tweaks

Contains a collection of the most used security tweaks.

Pro vs Free Features Comparison Table

Pro Version Free Version
System Info + +
Processor Info + +
HDD Info +
Services/Processes Manager + +
Reg/Disk Cleaners + +
Defragmenter +
Start-Up Editor + +
Perfomance, Security and Network Tweaks +
Recent Items Cleaner + +
Control Panel + +
Hide Control Panel Applets + +
Restore Point Creation + +
System Tools +
File, Network, Security Tools +
Move or Copy &System Files +
Memory, & Cache + +
Startup, & Shutdown + +
Visual Effects + +
Hard Drives +
Services +
Desktop + +
Taskbar + +
Media Player + +
Error Reporting + +
Internet Explorer Tools + +
Icons & Folders +
File Types Icons +
Context Menu +