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Enhanso 2.1 Gets Full Support for Windows 10

Both Pro and Free versions of Enhanso get bumped in all their glory to 2.1 with full support for the freshly released Windows 10.
All registered users with an active license get this update for free, while users with older licenses can upgrade using the upgrade page.

Download the Pro or Free version of Enhanso on this page.

Enhanso 1.1 Gets Fixed And Updated

Version 1.1 fixes all bugs found so far since release and improves a bit some performance bottlenecks.

Download Enhanso Pro or Free.

Enhanso Merges EnhanceMyVista, EnhanceMySe7en and EnhanceMy8 Into One

To simplify a bit our products line we decided to merge all EnhanceMyXXX titles into one single Enhanso product, which incorporates all their functionality and supported operating systems. With this first release Enhanso gets also the brand new Dashboard panel which shows the most important system status information and offers quick access to maintenance tools.

All registered users with licenses not older than one year can upgrade to the latest Enhanso version for free. Older licenses can be upgraded with a 30% discount using Enhanso's upgrade page.

Download Enhanso Pro or Free.

The Beta of NetBalancer Sync is Over

After a year of development we’re finally ending beta and today are announcing the first production-ready version of NetBalancer Sync Service and the release of NetBalancer 8.0.

Learn more on

NetBalancer gets a 5 of 5 rate on Softpedia wrote a detailed review of NetBalancer 7.1.2 and gave it a 5 of 5 rating, noting that:

'NetBalancer is a great tool for shaping up network traffic according to the tasks more important to you. It comes with a simple interface that could be further improved and it is versatile by allowing the creation of rules specific for each process connecting to the Internet. '

Download the latest version of NetBalancer.

EnhanceMy8 2.1 Adds Better Support for Windows 8.1, Improves Performance

Today's update of EnhanceMy8 addresses some issues with Windows 8.1 compatibility, and adds significant performance improvements to Disk and Registry Cleaners.
All registered users of version 1.x can upgrade to version 2 with a 30% discount using the upgrade page.

Download the latest version of EnhanceMy8.

NetBalancer 7.1 and NetBalancer Service Open Beta Launch

Today, after more than 6 months of development we are releasing the final 7.1 version of NetBalancer App and the open beta of NetBalancer Service.

Visit NetBalancer home website for more info and registration/download links.

EnhanceMy8 2.0 Adds Support for Windows 8.1

The second major version of EnhanceMy8 gets full Windows 8.1 support, and runs well on both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.
Also EnhanceMy8 2.0 is the first digitally signed version, so now the setup will be properly recognized by most antiviruses and firewalls as trusted software.
All registered users of version 1.x can upgrade to version 2 with a 30% discount using the upgrade page.

Update: 30 Oct 2013 - The Free version also gets full support for Win8.1 and the signature.

Download the second version of EnhanceMy8.

EnhanceMy8 1.5 Brings Stability As Well

The same as with NetBalancer, these weeks we've dedicated to improving EnhanceMy8's stability, with a few performance and visual improvements.

Update: 12 Aug 2013 - Same improvements done to the Free version.

Download the most stable version of EnhanceMy8 here.

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