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EnhanceMy8 2.1 Adds Better Support for Windows 8.1, Improves Performance

Today's update of EnhanceMy8 addresses some issues with Windows 8.1 compatibility, and adds significant performance improvements to Disk and Registry Cleaners.
All registered users of version 1.x can upgrade to version 2 with a 30% discount using the upgrade page.

Download the latest version of EnhanceMy8.

NetBalancer 7.1 and NetBalancer Service Open Beta Launch

Today, after more than 6 months of development we are releasing the final 7.1 version of NetBalancer App and the open beta of NetBalancer Service.

Visit NetBalancer home website for more info and registration/download links.

EnhanceMy8 2.0 Adds Support for Windows 8.1

The second major version of EnhanceMy8 gets full Windows 8.1 support, and runs well on both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.
Also EnhanceMy8 2.0 is the first digitally signed version, so now the setup will be properly recognized by most antiviruses and firewalls as trusted software.
All registered users of version 1.x can upgrade to version 2 with a 30% discount using the upgrade page.

Update: 30 Oct 2013 - The Free version also gets full support for Win8.1 and the signature.

Download the second version of EnhanceMy8.

EnhanceMy8 1.5 Brings Stability As Well

The same as with NetBalancer, these weeks we've dedicated to improving EnhanceMy8's stability, with a few performance and visual improvements.

Update: 12 Aug 2013 - Same improvements done to the Free version.

Download the most stable version of EnhanceMy8 here.

NetBalancer 6.7 Brings Stability Back

Once in a few months our team stops working on new features and takes some time to look back, to just improve and fix existing code. So version 6.7 of NetBalancer is a maintenance release in which only old bugs and issues were killed addressed, in the hope of not adding new ones.

Update: 22 Jul 2013 - Added a few other fixes with version 6.7.2.

Download the most stable version of NetBalancer here.

NetBalancer 6.6.6 Adds IPv6 and Filter ID to Rules

The 6.6.6 update adds to NetBalancer the ability to link filters with rules via the Filter ID field, so it is possible now to make some powerful filters/rules combinations for the most demanding situations.
Also we've added some other cool new features: full IPv6 support for filters and rules, WiFi name (SSID) parameter for rules and a better network connections detection.

Update: 09 Jul 2013 - Versions 6.6.9 adds some stability and performance improvements.

Download the most evil version of NetBalancer here.

EnhanceMy8 1.4.1 Detects More Hardware

As you know a big part of EnhanceMy8's functionality is dedicated to detecting installed hardware and showing about it as much information as possible. Version 1.4 improves this very functionality and adds proper detection for:

  • Intel Pentium & Celeron "Ivy Bridge" CPUs
  • AMD Athlon X4 750K CPUs
  • FMA3 & 4 instructions sets
  • Go to EnhanceMy8's page for the updated version.

NetBalancer 6.4.1 Has a More Fluid UI

This month, after the last updates, most of which were related to NetBalancer's core performance, we took some time to improve the UI (aka user interface) and found that it would also benefit for some performance improvements. So version 6.4 has a more fluid UI, plus a small but useful addition: now the filters window shows how many packets and data passes through every filter, it helps to find if a filter is active at the moment or not.

Update: 28 Feb 2013 - Yesterday's version 6.4.2 fixed some errors in 6.4.1, while today's 6.4.3 fixes errors in... right, 6.4.2.

Download the most fluid version of NetBalancer here.

NetBalancer 6.3.1 Can Filter

As promised earlier, the version 6.3 has just one, but important new feature: Filters. The Filters are just like Rules with the difference that they work at the driver level, and apply to traffic before it enters NetBalancer. A good use for filters is performance optimizations: if there is in your system some critically important traffic that must fly through the wires at the maximum speed possible then set it with filters to be Ignored, so it will go directly to its destination avoiding NetBalancer's limits, priorities and rules, and hence not spending precious milliseconds.
Another useful scenario is blocking at the driver level; although Rules contain the block action too, they lack some Filters only parameters, like MAC address or EtherType protocol.

Enjoy, but also don't forget that today it is Valentine's Day, don't spend all of it with NetBalancer only!

Click here to download NetBalancer 6.3, with filters!

EnhanceMy8 1.3.1 Pro Adds Better SMART Support

Every day more and more HDD and SSD drives are released on the market, and every drives manufacturer thinks it's a matter of honor to add new SMART attributes as often as he can, usually unique to its own drives and incompatible with the others. So our team, here at SeriousBit, has always plenty of work at keeping pace with them and making the SMART detector of EnhanceMy8 smart indeed.
Please meet the 1.3.1 version of EnhanceMy8 that detects some more drives types (from Intel, Samsung and a few others) and knows some more SMART attributes. Also the traditional stability and performance improvements are present in this version too.

Update: 05 Feb 2013 - The Free version updates to 1.3.1 too.

Go to EnhanceMy8's page for the updated version.

NetBalancer 6.2.1 Released

Update 6.2 of NetBalancer is all about performance and stability improvements. Now NetBalancer can extract and process network packets in bulk, thus greatly improving bandwidth performance and lowering CPU usage.
Also we rewrote its kernel driver, which is not only more lightweight and snappy but also compatible with more hardware and software, especially now it properly recognizes most of 3G/4G modems and is finally compatible with VirtualBox (some of you were reporting BSODs when using NetBalancer and VirtualBox together).

I know, I know, most of you didn't have any performance or stability problems with NetBalancer and now are not happy about these improvements at all. So for you, our impatient ones, we are preparing for the next version a new and very nice functional addition, called 'Filters', just wait a little bit more, and don't forget to press from time to time F5 on NetBalancer's page

Almost forgot: Find the new latency settings at Menu>Edit>Performance. Yeah, this one is about performance too.

Click here to download the faster version of NetBalancer.

Update EnhanceMy8 1.2.1 Pro Available.

This update adds many performance improvements to defragmenter and a "Shutdown after defragmentation done" option. Also some minor stability fixes were done. Enjoy!

Go to EnhanceMy8's page for a download or purchase link.

NetBalancer 6.1.1 Merges Pro and Free Editions Into One Single Product

Today we are releasing the 6.1 version of NetBalancer and the first thing you'll imediatelly notice, is that there are no longer two separate editions of NetBalancer, Free and Pro, but just one single NetBalancer.
This version right out of the box contains all the functionality of the previous Pro version (grouping, multiple network adapters management, password protection, etc.), and the only limitation, until registered, is a maximum of 3 priorities and 3 rules at a time.

Also in 6.1 we've added some interesting new functionally and done many stability and performance improvements:

  • Added 'External Priority File' and 'External Rules File' setting to Menu>Edit>Settings.
  • Added 'Dropped' and 'Delayed' options along with the current priorities and limits.
  • Added URL option to rules.
  • Added 'Process ID' option to Rules.
  • Added 'When Idle' condition to Rules.
  • Added 'Per Connection' option to traffic speed limitations.
  • Added edit priority on double-click on a process.
  • Added better detection of network changes and refresh accordingly.
  • Added 'Traffic Chart' to main menu.
  • Added support for automatic rules and priorities import from external files.
  • Added optional blur to mini-window on mouse over.
  • Added 'Reset Traffic' command to processes' right-click menu
  • Added some new command line parameters to setup, find them on NetBalancer's help page
  • Improved performance of UI (we're sure you'll feel it!)

But don't relax, even more changes and improvements are in the way, be prepared and keep pressing F5 on our News page!

Update: Removed a nasty bug not allowing 6.1.1 to run on some x86 machines, please update to 6.1.2. A big "Thank You!" to the guys who reported it!
Update 2: Yep, killed another bunch of bugs, please re-download 6.1.3. I hope this is the last version today, as we need to go to sleep soon :)

Visit NetBalancer's page for more info and download link. Also here is a press release, not that your care.

Free Version of EnhanceMy8 Available.

Today we are releasing the Free version of EnhanceMy8, our maintenance tool for Windows 8!
P.S. Yeah, this is a functionally limited version, but you know what? - It costs no money!

Read the press release or visit EnhanceMy8 webpage for a download link.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro 3.1 Released for Free!

Usually our software is split in two general categories: The Pro versions, which are complete versions and cost money, and the Free ones, which are a bit functionally limited but cost no money. Today we decided to make an exception: we are releasing UndeleteMyFiles 3.1 Pro for free!
P.S. No, it doesn't mean that this version costs money and is functionally limited :) It is functionally complete and costs no money, really.

Download the Pro Free version here.

EnhanceMy8 1.1.0 Pro Released!

The beta is over and we're proud to announce that we are releasing today the final Pro version! We've got some nice words for ourselves in the press release at the link below.

Read the press release or go to product's page .

Announcing The Release of EnhanceMy8 1.0.1 Beta

Today we are happy to announce that our alpha testing of EnhanceMy8 was successfully finished and the product goes Beta, which means it is ready for real use. For more info find our press release at the link below.

Read the press release or go to product's page .

First Alpha Version of EnhanceMy8 is Available

We are hardly working on a brand new system tool for the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 OS. Although in Alpha, it already includes dozens of useful tools and tweaks and if you are trying Windows 8 right now then EnhanceMy8 is your best companion.

Go to product's page

NetBalancer Pro/Free 5.2 - Update

My team is quite lazy most of the some times, and it is especially lazy this summer, so I can present not too many changes in this release of NetBalancer: They added 'Create Rule' menu command to processes list, done some UI improvements and fixed some bugs here and there... And yes, that's all they did in the last months!
I need to fire someone...

Download the Free version or the Pro one... or even both, multiple times!

NetBalancer Pro/Free 5.1 - Update

We've updated the French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian translations, added the first version of NetBalancer's FAQ, fixed the silent installation support, added a couple of command line arguments to setup and... and... yeah! - done usability improvements!

Update 5.1.2: Made all the above work right.

Free or well... not so free.

NetBalancer Pro/Free 5.0 - New Version

Rules, rules, rules... We love rules. We make them , break them, fix them and improve them.

This update of NetBalancer is once again about Rules, and brings to you one important improvement, the "Condition" which specifies, well... the condition when a Rule becomes active. For example you can set a rule to become active only "when its traffic is more the 1 GB for the last 1 month", quite useful when you are on a limited internet data plan.

Or when the night traffic is free combine it with the rule's "Time" settings already present in NetBalancer. This way the possibilities become even more endless than before, that's why we love Rules!
Now you love them too, right? Right???

Update: 10 Feb 2012 - We've fixed some minor errors, download the 5.0.2 version from the same links. Ladies and Gentlemen, many thanks for the reports. Send us more!

Click here for the left one and there for the right one.

NetBalancer Pro/Free 4.10 - Update

In 4.10 we've added "Down Rate", "Up Rate", "Downloaded" and "Uploaded" columns to Connections and Rules list. Useful when you want to check whether your Rule is working or not.
Also Rules can have names now, and the only limit is your imagination! Our preferred name is the "Most Serious Rule", though "Not So Serious Rule" is fine too.
The last change was done to the Traffic Chart, which can show now the traffic for one single process only. Not sure why but some of you asked for it, enjoy.

P.S. Why this release is 4.10 and not 5.0? Because for 5.0 we have something special, just wait a bit.

Here is a bit and there is much more.

NetBalancer Pro/Free 4.9 - Update

Try it here for free or there for a small fee.

This small update was done by our small team while celebrating the New 2012 Year in our small office, and brings to you just one small feature: added "Copy" and "Copy Details" options to Traffic Chart's context menu.

NetBalancer Pro/Free 4.8 - Update

In this last release of this year we've improved the traffic chart, making it a much more powerful tool:

  • Now it honestly shows you the traffic statistics for the selected time range, when you ask
  • Instantly gives you traffic details for any time moment, on mouse hover over
  • Precisely selects and shows up to 1000 seconds/minutes/hours or days of traffic history, at your desire
  • Abruptly deletes all the traffic history, when you mistakenly decide to :)

All the remaining new cool features and bug fixes we've left for the Happy New 2012 Year!

Update 4.8.2: Added some last-minute perfomance improvements.

Download here the powerful one or there the so-so one.

NetBalancer Pro/Free 4.7 - Update

NetBalancer understands now IPv6 traffic and connections, so now you'll see a lot less traffic going as Unidentified. However the Rules don't fully support them yet, but we're working hard on it and will release it in the next version, most likely :)

Here is the generous one and there is the mercantile one.

NetBalancer Pro/Free 4.5 - Update

In this version of NetBalancer we've re-implemented the Rules functionality, added a couple of new columns to Connections List (Process and PID) and done some serious performance improvements.

Update: In version 4.6 we've fixed the Rules, again.

Enjoy for free or for money!

EnhanceMySe7en 3.7.1 Improves Performance

This new version improves the performance and also some minor stability fixes were done.


NetBalancer Pro/Free 4.1 - Update

We've updated all the translations of Pro and Free versions of NetBalancer and also added a couple of new ones - Italian and Spanish.

Free and Pro!

NetBalancer Free 4.1 - New Release

This version of Free gets the same 'Rules' functionality as its Pro counterpart, with a small limitation - maximum 5 rules alowed.

Grab it here.

NetBalancer Pro 4.1 - New Release

Driven by your feature requests our development team has finished the long-awaited traffic rules so you can finally set that torrent client go full speed nights only, when your ISP's traffic counter sleeps.
Of course this is the first implementaton and some limits may apply, but remember - with your feature requests and our desire to implement them the possibilities are endless!

Check Menu>Edit>Rules and try them.

As always here is the setup.

EnhanceMySe7en 2.17 Pro - Update

This new version adds a lot of new hardware information support for all the panels on "Information" tab, including the "Sensors":

  • Added support for Intel Sandy Bridge, Xeon "Westmere-EX", Sandy Bridge-EP processors
  • Added support for AMD Zacate/Ontario, Llano (K12), FX "Bulldozer" (K15) processors
  • Updated "Sensors" panel to support all the latest processors and chips sensors
  • Added support for GPU frequency report on Intel Sandy Bridge processor

Also some minor stability fixes were done.

Here is the download.

NetBalancer 3.2 Free - Update

Yes, I know - the "Unsigned Driver Installation" warning has annoyed you quite a lot, so we've fixed it at last!
Also we've added that new feature you were asking about for some time, to stop the balancing service from tray menu.

Unfortunately some bugs were killed in the process. C'est la vie, we'll miss them, just a little...


NetBalancer Pro 3.2 - Update

This version can automatically, at a given interval, load priorities/limits/blocks from a local, Windows share or web located file. It can be useful if in your network for some reasons the Grouping does not work.

Check Menu>Edit>Network Adapters>Priorities File to find it.

This is the download link.

EnhanceMySe7en Free - Update

This release of EnhanceMySe7en Free reflects all the updates and changes done in the Pro version previously: added the 'Sensors' panel plus done some performance and stability improvements.

Download it here.

NetBalancer Free - New Release

Dear users, please meet the newest and fastest version of NetBalancer Free - the third one!

These few months of development we spent not only on improving the performance but also on adding some neat new features, so now NetBalancer Free has the same Traffic Mini Window as its Pro bigger brother, but with a couple of new functions - the traffic windows can show un-normalized traffic and supports bars graph type.

The second feature is traffic colors customization, check the Settings option from main menu.


EnhanceMySe7en Pro - Update

With version 2.14 we've added to EnhanceMySe7en a new panel called 'Sensors' that shows the current value, maximum and minimum of all computer's sensors, like CPU termal sensor, fans rotation speeds, mainboard currents and voltages and much more, including even some exotic ones like water level of a water cooling system (if installed) or system case open/closed state.

Also a few improvements were done to Registry and Disk Cleaners performance, so they now scan 20% faster.

Download it and see all the sensors your computer has that you even didn't know about!

NetBalancer Pro - New Version Release

After a few months of development we are proud to announce that the third version of NetBalancer Pro is released!

This version introduces grouped balancing, which means that it can now synchronously balance an entire network of computers (I hear ovations from our business users :). The grouping can be done in a p2p or client-server style. Look for all group settings and features at "Menu>Edit>Network Adapters>Grouping section".

Another addition is password protection which can help protect NetBalancer's settings against unauthorized changes.

And the final one is Traffic Mini Window - a small window with the current download and upload traffic with a mini-graph. After a couple of requests we decided to implement also the "Change traffic color" feature, so now you can change the colors at "Menu>Edit>Settings>Priorities and Traffic Chart" panel.

P.S. All our translators are welcome to update their translations and send them to our support email.

As usually, get it from here and see all the new features in action!